• Danta Manjan 1KG

Danta Manjan 1KG

Danta Manjan 1KG

Brand:Naveen Shudh Masale (NSM)
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    Danta Manjan is the most powerful medicated product for the gums as well as teeth. By using this tooth powder, gums become strong. Resultantly dental problems like pioria (flow of blood and pus from the gums) would be solved and the tiny food particles that are left in between the gums would be pushed out. Bad odour from mouth would be ceased. Saliva glands work properly and teeth would be healthy and shine well. Dosage and method of usage: Rise early in the morning. Brush teeth with manjan. It can be massaged gently with middle fi nger or index fi nger. Massage gums and teeth slowly. After 3 to 5 minutes of massage, pour some water in mouth and gurgle it. 

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